Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

The Leaf Suit works by harnessing the power of evaporating water while keeping you dry. Evaporating water is remarkably powerful and has 5 times the energy density of a lithium ion battery. (In fact, you'd have trouble engineering a substance with a higher latent heat of vaporization than water!) The airflow module inducts air through the bottomof the vest and sends it over the inner composite bi-layer, evaporating water from the surface. This cooling action pulls heat from the body and allows the user to maintain a cool, comfortable body temperature. The cooling potential of 100 watts is actually a very conservative figure, we have done bench tests that place the actual cooling higher than that. The magic number of 100 watts also represents the basal metabolic rate (how much heat a person normally generates). If you perfectly insulate the rest of your body, the vest should still be able to cool down the body! The other crazy thing: the vest works better in higher heat, since the air can absorb more water. So the hotter it gets, the more cooling potential the vest has. The vest can be worn over a t-shirt or direct to skin and other apparel can be worn on top - including jackets, and reflective vests.

Why is it better?

The Leaf Suit is capaple of controlled cooling up to 20 degrees in a convenient form factor It's dry, lightweight and is powered with regular water and regular USB power. This is a result of the patent pending technology which provides an incredibly efficient cooling. (The effective Coefficient of Performance (CoP) is 20. For reference, your fridge at home has a CoP of around 2-2.5) Why is better than everything else on the market? Other solution fail for a variety of reasons: Fans only: Not as effective and only holds up to 93 F (skin temp). Anything air flow above this actually heats up the body. Think of a hair dryer on your skin. Thermoelectric Cooling: Only 2-5% efficient, so capable of only cooling a few degrees in a limited area. Ice Pack Vests: No pre-freezing required. Evaporating water has 7 times more cooling potential than melting ice. This means you have to freeze, carry and store 7 times as much ice for the same cooling potential. Ice Packs vests also can't control the rate of cooling, so you feel cold initially and then nothing later on. Evaporative vests: Evaporative vests can't control the rate of cooling and the max rate of cooling is limited without airflow. They also get the person wet and are required to be the outer most layer.

How about cleaning/ laundry?

The vest is capable of self-cleaning because it has built in and pumps and fans. To clean, please fill the reservoir with warm soapy water. Run the vest for 1 hour to clean. The vest will cycle the soapy internally and dry with the fans. The inner lining can be wiped down won't soak up sweat. The outer layer can be cleaned with regular fabric cleaner. Further manual cleaning can also be done.

Where are you based out of?

We are based out of and manufacture in Santa Clara, California

Does it work in high humidity? (hint: yes)

YES, it will work even in high humidity conditions. Although the device is frequently compared to a swamp cooler, the device is closer to artificial sweating than an evaporative 'swamp' cooler. An evaporative 'swamp' cooler cools the air and then passed the cool air over the body. This is very inefficient compared to directly evaporation from the surface. So the Leaf Suit does work where evaporative coolers like swamp coolers would not work (like Miami or Hawaii). Basically, anywhere your body can cool itself naturally with sweating, the Leaf Suit can do the same.

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